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Followers of The Final Commandments

Commandments of Spiritual Self-Cultivation

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The FO11OWERS Community is open to all!

Once you join,

you will be expected to follow the commandments of this most lofty spiritual (NON-RELIGIOUS, NON-DOGMATIC) sect.

Intelligence and humility will get you far here & the more zeal you show in carrying out the commandments given here,
(Sharing photos of your progress is ENCOURAGED!)
the more bountiful the eminent blessings of spiritual wealth will be!

These commandments are mostly SIMPLE and PREGMATIC,
but some will seem very strange to you, so you will just have to try them to understand.

Nothing we are commanded to do here is at all potentially dangerous.

This community was brought to you by the letter E and the number 9.

In this age of information, the up-and-coming generation of human consciousness has chosen to place blinders of 'information' up, in order to serve as a device to bring comfort and relief from the sting of all-encompassing justice.
This attempt is futile enough to be likened to the denial of the reality of physics.

Woe to the mixed multitude (erev rav), for they have forgotton that all the information we commonly rely on is based on human knowledge, which is rooted in a limited and stunted point of view caused by what we call the human condition.

In the current time frame we are in, the resonance of the earth is rising and we are reaching the apex of human spiritual evolution, where we now have the opportunity to pick up incredible momentum in developing a highly sharpened and focused light/energy/vibration, in regard to what presides over our physical bodies.

We would be BEST ADVISED to work on cultivating a focus off of our lusts for the material & physical world and acknowledge the subtlties of life in a spiritual perspective.

Much as the sun's light can be concentrated through a magnifying glass and excite the elements, causing physical and elemental change on this earthly plane, we must focus and concentrate our light (selves) on these commandments ( I follow them, as well ) to ignite our inner flames of consciousness.

On a final note, there will be judgment here, but not in the hideous religious sense, where judgment = acts of condemnation, such as "the great flood", "plagues", etc..

I do hope some of you remember the good old days, when you were living in the 1950s and the word "judgment", simply meant a discernment between healthy & unhealthy, rather than something hurtful and cruel!